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Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Jill did some oil changes on the bikes, I ran some errands and trimmed the grass, then we headed out and walked around the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, in Calgary. There weren’t really very many birds to take photos of this late in the evening or early in the season I suppose, but I took a few shots anyway.

This last photo above, I pointed the camera right at the sun, which was covered with clouds. I’m not sure if that circle in the image is the sun or the moon. I increased the contrast and saturation to bring out the colors which were not really this strong in reality.


Carburn Park

We’re fortunate to live a 2 minute walk from this park. These are some photos I took today on our short walk. Almost all of the photos were taken with a Nikon D90 with a 50mm 1.8D lens. The one of Jill was with a Nikon 18-200 VR-1. The flower macro was taken with the 50mm, but with a macro filter (an additional lens) screwed onto the front, I got a set of four for next to nothing on eBay, I get mixed results with them and generally prefer extension tubes which can also be had for next to nothing on eBay. The leaf macro was taken with extension tubes and the 50mm. I enjoy shooting with the 50mm, it produces very natural looking images. Since it does not have vibration compensation though, I must ensure that my shutter speeds are very high to compensate for hand-shake. The 18-200 with VR, does not require high shutter speeds as it compensates for hand shake with a built-in mechanism. The VR always amazes me and is well worth the investment for hand held photography.

Under a bridge

A few shots taken on our bike ride today along the Bow River, both shots taken from under a train bridge just south of the Calf Rope Bridge, Calgary.

Wild Horse Monument

The Wild Horse Monument can be seen from highway I-90 in Washington, across the Columbia river from a town called Vantage. There is a small hike up the side of a hill where you can get a closer look.

If you click the panorama it will show the full size image.

Wind Power

This was taken near a town called Vantage, Washington. Was on my long drive back to Calgary from Seattle a few days ago. I actually shot this photo without even looking, through my car window while driving along a highway with a trailer, with a motorcycle in it, I was exporting from the USA 🙂

Usk 1

This is taken from a bridge in a town called Usk, in Washington.
Anyway, I’ve really been busy the past week and not been taking many photos. Useful summer weather is very hard to come by in Calgary it seems, so I am going to throttle back my photo taking for a while and not take a photo every single day. Instead, when I take a good photo that I like, I will post it up, like this one 🙂 Or I may post a group of photos on a particular day. I might have to change the title of this blog because it may not be a 365 project any longer. 😦 I’ve got not enough time, and too many motorcycles to ride this summer…


Macro of water on the window.



My bedding has a retro feel to it.


This was taken from a field in Calgary, there were small rain showers mixed with sun and clouds. I enhanced the detail of the clouds in this photo.


A long exposure at night. And no, there are no smokers in the house, this is just for guests 🙂

Deck at night

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