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Flowers and plant photos from Thailand

Below are a few photos of some plants and flowers I took in Thailand, November 2011.  Most of these are from the Tweechol Botanical gardens in Chiang Mai, and the Mexican sunflowers and field are taken at the famous Mexican Sunflower Fields someplace near Mae Hong Son, Thailand.  I created some 360 degree virtual reality panoramas of the gardens and the fields in case you want to experience more of those.

Below, a pot placed at a grave stone at a temple in Chiang Mai.

The two photos below are from Phi Phi Islands, southern Thailand.


Thailand temple textures

Some of many textures found in temples in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand. Gilded real gold, hand sculpted clay, inlaid colored glass.  I threw in a photo second from the bottom from an indoor market in Chiang Mai.  Photos were all taken late November, 2011.

Flying into Bangkok

This photo is from the window of a plane flying into Bangkok northbound from Krabi, Thailand, at sunset November 5 2011. Usually photos from plane windows don’t turn out very well but the window was very clean. I adjusted the contrast of the image to bring out more the shapes of the clouds below.
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Girl at Wat Doi Suthep

A little girl at the base of the steps at Wat Doi Suthep, a temple near Chiang Mai, Thailand, Nov 7 2011. If you take a picture she holds out her purse and says “Money!” 🙂